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Drainage System

Wasting Water = Wasting Energy

As you can imagine, Japan has quite a lot of rains, and the yearly rain amount is indeed double the amount of the world average (land parts). The Japanese population, however, is also large, so the rain amount divided by the population is 1/3 of the world average. Besides, the amount of the individual daily use of water is five times of that of Africa. Even though it rains a lot in Japan, it doesn’t mean that we can waste water. Using tap water requires a large amount of energy from processing sewage and filtering water. We shouldn’t forget that wasting water is the same thing as wasting energy (Suntory Holdings Limited).

As for the whole world, it is said that “the lack of water will be the biggest issue in 21st centuries”. The estimate says, “by 2025, more than a billion people will suffer from water shortage” (WOTA CORP.).

So, we thought about how we could approach this issue as a design company, and we came up with a water filtration system at restaurants for saving water and making a sustainable environment.

Water Filtration System at Restaurants

Restaurants use a lot of water every day. By filtering the used water and reusing it, we can save more energy and create a sustainable system at each restaurant.

For example, by using materials such as filters, pebbles, and charcoals like the drawing below, and by organizing water plumbing properly under the floor, we could make a sustainable water system. We could also filter rain water and reuse for shop plants and flushing toilets.

Today, companies like WOTA CORP are creating a water management system using AI. WOTA CORP develops the water treatment system that does not require water plumbing, and uses AI instead for monitoring the water quality and the system. They have created portable shower system and hand wash basin using this method. As long as you have a plug nearby, it doesn’t take a long time to set and use them because they don’t need a piping construction. Their portable shower system uses only 5% of the amount of the water we usually use to take shower because the used water will be cleaned and reused. By using excellent technologies like this, we could change the water system at restaurants.

If we can build a sustainable water system at each restaurant, we can reduce a large amount of water and energy waste. We think “Recycle of Water” is an issue we should and can tackle as an interior design company.




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