Our Environmental Visions

Is our mother earth worn out because of our exploitation?

Have we hurt the earth too much in order to maintain our lives?

There have been many various rapid changes happening on earth today; abnormal weather, the population explosion,

global warming…just mentioned a few.

The global environmental changes are happening faster than ever.

They are causing the change in our eco-system, and showing that something is wrong in our society today.

We cannot deny that our lives so far have polluted water and air, exploited fish and trees,

and thrown garbage not only in the ocean but even into the space.

Is this what we really want to do?

What can we do instead of piling up too much garbage, burning them, and creating CO2?

What we really want is not to create problems for our environment, but to create the world where humans and the nature co-exist

in harmony in a well-balanced system.

We should create a completely sustainable society that circulates everything, instead of making straws and cups from recycled paper

(which requires a lot of energy) and ending up with burning them and creating wastes.


Let’s put out every little idea and share them to make the world a better place!


Let’s do what we can do one by one. We believe one tiny idea could be a seed to change the world.


We can work together to create a sustainable environment where everything circulates like blood or natural system.

Our goal here is to gather and put the ideas out there to create a completely sustainable town where everything circulates

and people help each other like a molecule.


Kusukusu Inc.
Ryu Suzuki